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Uni Workshop (v1)

Workshop Exercises
E1. The writing process
E2. Titles and topics with specificity
E3. Deconstruct an article into a Harvard outline
E4. Deconstruct an article into writing techniques and elements
E5. Query problems with a popular press article
E6. Rewrite with heightened specificity
E7. Query sentences, find URLs, add URLs, add titles, and format in Docs
Exercise 8. Convert in-text citations to narrative citations
Exercise 9. Academic abstract to pop press title and topic
Exercise 10. Reverse engineer a SPO
Exercise 11. Reverse engineer a linear and MPO
Exercise 12. Deconstruct paragraph and sentence styles
Exercise 13. Managing reviewer comments
Exercise 14. Managing a writing project

DIY / Application Exercises
DIY 1. Mapping techniques for your article
DIY 2. Determine title, angle, description
DIY 3. Determine the content style

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